Assessment : Reflection


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Learning Journal 2 will be based on the following three tutorial topics:

• Tutorial 2 Self and Identity

• Tutorial 3 Prejudice and Discrimination

• Tutorial 4 Attraction and Close Relationships

Each of these tutorial topics is divided into subtopics. You will choose one subtopic from each of the

Above tutorial topics for your Learning Journal 2

You will, therefore, have three ‘entries’, one each for

Self and identity, prejudice and discrimination and attraction and close relationships, in your Learning Journal 2 you will:

• Describe the theories, concepts and evidence related to your chosen subtopic;

• Draw relevant examples from work, family and/or your everyday life;

• Incorporate readings prescribed for the subtopics you have chosen, including the textbook;

• Refer to learning exercises from tutorials and content from lectures.

• Reflect on your learning as represented in your Learning Journal.

To complete your Learning Journal 2 you will need to:

• Prepare for tutorials through completion of the Workbooks;

• Read the relevant readings and sections of the textbook

• Attend and participate in tutorials;

101557 T H E I N D I V I D U A L I N S O C I E T Y

S U M M E R A 2 0 1 815

Format and structure of Reflection (Learning Journal) 2

The format for your ‘Learning Journal’ is prescribed – you must stick to the format provided below. You

Must replicate the headings listed below as your headings. That is, you type (or copy and paste) the

questions below for each section.

Address each heading in turn and in the order provided. These headings are not counted in the word count.

 Do not delete these headings before submitting to Turnitin. We understand that by using the

same headings as everyone else your similarity index in Turnitin will be higher than other units. This will be taken into account by your marker.

The total word count (excluding headings and the reference list) must not exceed 2,000 words.

Reflection (250 words maximum – 10%)

Under this heading you will summarise the feedback you got on Learning Journal 1 and say how you

Applied it to Learning Journal 2.

It is about how you have developed your academic writing skills through the semester.

Remember that this learning guide stated the following for Learning Journal 1: that although you can put

yourself in your Learning Journals they should:

• Use a formal tone;

• Define, explain or discuss concepts and theories;

• analyse rather than just describe, and

• Use correct referencing conventions.

You could also refer to ‘What is a learning journal?’ in this section of the learning guide.

Reflective Learning Journal entries

(80% see marking sheet for breakdown in allocation of these marks.)

There will not be separate marks for each entry; marks will be averaged over the three entries.

Word count 500 words maximum for each entry, excluding headings equals 1,500 words in total.

This section of your Reflective Learning Journal will contain three entries, one each for: Self and

Identity, Prejudice and Discrimination and Attraction and Close Relationships.

Address the following headings in turn (you MUST use the below headings and sub-headings).

Topic: Self and Identity / specify sub-topic you chose

1. Why I chose the subtopic.

2. Summary of the subtopic including a short quotes that that illustrates the subtopic.

3. Relevance of the subtopic to my social world.

Topic: Prejudice and Discrimination / specify sub-topic you chose

1. Why I chose the subtopic.

2. Summary of the subtopic including a short quotes that that illustrates the subtopic.

3. Relevance of the subtopic to my social world.

Topic: Attraction and Close Relationships / specify sub-topic you chose

1. Why I chose the subtopic.

2. Summary of the subtopic including a short quotes that that illustrates the subtopic.

3. Relevance of the subtopic to my social world

Reflection (10% 250 words maximum, excluding question headings)

In this section you will evaluate your learning of social psychology topics and scholarly writing by

Answering the following question:

How this Learning Journal has contributed to my learning of social psychology and scholarly writing?

You could refer to ‘What is a learning journal?’ in this section of the learning guide.

You may refer to challenges you faced in learning the social psychology concepts or in writing your

Learning journal.

Reference List (Not counted in word limit).

Note that there is no separate criterion for referencing and readability, these are incorporated in the

Marks for each topic.


Guidance on completing the Reflection (Learning Journal) 2

An example of a topic and subtopics

The topic for each tutorial (e.g. ‘Self and Identity’) is too large to be covered in your Learning Journal.

Therefore, you need to reflect on a subtopic, not the whole tutorial topic.

Below is an example of a ‘topic’ and ‘subtopics’ taken from the Tutorial 2 Workbook. The topic for

Tutorial 2 is ‘Self and Identity’.

The subtopics related to this topic are: a. Spotlight Effect & the Illusion of Transparency b. Self-concept

Self and culture c. Self esteem

Your Learning Journal entry for the topic ‘Self and Identity’ will focus on only one of the above


There is a similar format for Tutorials 3 and 4 in the relevant Tutorial Workbooks. There is a model

Learning Journal entry in the Tutorial 2 Workbook to provide you with guidance on what is ex pected.

What is a Learning Journal?

A ‘Reflective’ Learning Journal is a genre of writing that is similar to a diary in that entries are made

over a period of time. A Learning Journal differs from a private diary in that it specifically focuses on

what has been learned (content) and how that content has been learned (process). It is not a just a log

of what you have done in tutorials. A key feature of Reflective Learning Journals written for university

assignments is scholarly reflection: thinking and writing about connections the learner makes between

concepts and theories that have been studied and relevant experiences of their learning processes, or

social world. It is not a journal of your opinions; your reflections should be based on what you have

learned and the textbook and readings. The Learning Journal therefore, should not contain details that

you would ordinarily keep private about your personal life. However, it will involve your personal

Analysis of how learning has led to changes in your understanding, or raised questions, about social behavior.

The purpose of the Learning Journal assignment is to think about, and demonstrate, your

Understanding of the concepts and evidence contained within the study of social psychology, as well as

how you have learned about them. We want reflection on content, evidence, learning and application.

This Learning Journal assignment is reflective because it enables you to, among other things:

• Raise your self-awareness about your learning.

• Translate experiences and activities into learning.

• Develop intellectual, scholarship and critical thinking skills.

The three main aims of this assignment are to:

• Capture your understanding of key concepts and applications of studies in social psychology, including

your ability to provide a brief overview of the main points from the lectures, tutorials, textbook and other

prescribed readings, as appropriate.

• Provide evidence that you have really thought about the topics covered in tutorials, including your

ability to make judgements about the relative merits and applications of key concepts.

• Promote habits and practices of critical thinking and reflective learning practice as a basis for

academic study and future professional endeavour.

reference your sources correctly using APA or Harvard style. You will also need to reference lectures

and tutorials – resources on how to do this for this unit are in the Tutorial Workbooks. Your Reference

List should be at the end of your Learning Journal (not at the end of each entry).

All written assignments are to be – 12 pitch – Arial or Times New Roman font – doubleline spacing.

You will receive individualised feedback on the marking sheet. There will not be comments on the

assignment itself.


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