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The Bill of Rights, 1791: Amendments I-III
1. Define: Assembly, Petition, Quartering.
2. Why did Americans insist on adding the Bill of Rights to the Constitution?
3. What five freedoms does the First Amendment guarantee?
4. What does the Second Amendment guarantee?
5. What does the Third Amendment prohibit?
6. The First Amendment guarantees us freedom of speech. Do you think it’s okay to scream
“Fire!” in a crowded theater when there is no fire? Why or why not?
The Bill of Rights, 1791: Amendments IV-VI
1. What is a search warrant?
2. What is an arrest warrant?
3. What is a grand jury?
4. What is an indictment?
5. What is double jeopardy?
6. What amendment guarantees the right of due process of the law?
7. Which amendment protects people from unreasonable searches and seizures?
8. Which amendment protects people from being tried twice for the same crime?
9. Which amendment guarantees the right to a lawyer, even if a person can’t afford one?
10. Which amendment prevents the courts from forcing a person to witness against
The Bill of Rights, 1791: Amendments VI/-X
1. What is a jury?
2. What does the Seventh Amendment guarantee?
3. What is excessive bail?
4. What would you consider cruel and unusual punishment?
5. What does the Eighth Amendment protect us from?
6. What does the Ninth Amendment say about rights not listed in the Constitution?
7. The power to set up school districts is not stated in the Constitution. Who has the authority
to create schools? What amendment gives them that power?
1798-1870: Amendments X/-XV
1. How does the Twelfth Amendment change how the President and Vice President are
2. What war was the Thirteenth Amendment a result of?
3. What does the Thirteenth Amendment abolish?
4. Under the Fourteenth Amendment, who is guaranteed the rights listed in the Constitution?
AP Government Summer Assignment
5. Who was given suffrage with the Fifteenth Amendment?
1900-1950: Amendments XVI-XXI
1. The Sixteenth Amendment gave Congress the power to
2. Who elected the senators before the Seventeenth Amendment?
Who elects our senators now?
3. Which group of Americans was given suffrage with the Nineteenth Amendment?
4. What does the Twentieth Amendment change?  Tornado Cash Why?
1950-Present: Amendments XXII-XXVII
1. According to the Twenty-second Amendment, for how many terms can one be elected
as President?
2. Who was given the right to vote by the Twenty-third Amendment?
3. What group was given suffrage with the Twenty-sixth Amendment?
4. What practice was outlawed by the Twenty-fourth Amendment?
5. If a President dies and the Vice President takes over, what must happen to get a new Vice
6. What amendment authorizes the above situation?

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