Importance of Immigration in Chicago Economy

Paper Title: Importance of Immigration in Chicago Economy

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Importance of Immigration in Chicago Economy
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Paper Goals: Assignment: Each student will create an annotated bibliography of 6 scholarly

references, based upon ones topic of interest and working thesis statement. Then,

this topic, the working thesis statement, and this research assignment will be

utilized for the Final Research Paper. MLA format Rules:

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Thank you for submitting your annotated bibliography to NetTutor! My name is Nez, and I enjoyed reading your insight

into these sources and how they relate to the importance of immigration in the Chicago economy.




You have a good foundation for the annotated bibliography. The summaries offered good information on the topic at





1) Concerning citations and references, there were some citation entries that could be reformatted to match current

MLA formatting conventions. These changes can help the reader better find the specific source more easily.

2) Concerning topic development, consider including more assessment and reflection within your annotations. This will

help you think about how you might use the sources within your essay more critically.

3) Concerning paper format, consider indenting the annotations. This will help the reader more easily see when the

next citation entry begins.


The first instances of repeated issues are pointed out, and suggestions for corrections to be made are given where

possible. Please use your writing resources as well as the given suggestions for corrections to help make revisions

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Reviewed Paper: ntp1361583 – Thu Nov 25 5:12:21 EST 2021

The order is a bit awkward

sounding. Consider switching these

two items to improve the flow.

The annotations should be indented

in. This will help the reader better

see when the next citation entry


It seems that you meant “even”

here. Consider reading your writing

carefully to catch minor errors like

this in your writing.

While what you have is great so far,

consider elaborating a bit in your

reflection of how you would use this

source in your essay. Consider

explaining how this will improve the

essay. Also, consider including an

assessment of the credibility of the

source in order to more critically

determine whether you should

incorporate this source into your

essay and to what extent you

should rely on it. Consider paying

special attention to any potential

biases that the source may have.

The entries should be in alphabetical order.

Consider reordering the entries.

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Reviewed Paper: ntp1361583 – Thu Nov 25 5:12:21 EST 2021

Indent the annotations in all of

your entries.

Consider going further than just a

summary in your annotations.

Assessing the credibility of your

sources and reflecting on how you

might utilize the source within the

essay can be very helpful when

planning your essay.

You seem to be missing some key

aspects in this citation. Consider

using the “Dissertations and

Master’s Theses” section on the

following webpage to help you

format this citation properly:

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Reviewed Paper: ntp1361583 – Thu Nov 25 5:12:21 EST 2021

Depending on which MLA edition

you are using, this can be seen as a

bit outdated. Consider using the “An

Article in a Scholarly Journal”

section on the following webpage to

help reformat these aspects of your citation:

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Reviewed Paper: ntp1361583 – Thu Nov 25 5:12:21 EST 2021

The period should lie within the

quotation marks.

Consider reformatting any citation

entry to match any changes that you

made on citations within the annotated


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Mbionwu 1


Mbionwu Chukwuemeka F

Dr. Watson Khalilah

English 102 ME OH



Importance of Immigration in Chicago Economy

Thesis Statement: The state of Illinois and Chicago host millions of immigrants who play a pivotal role in providing entrepreneurial solutions in the city committed to repairing and situating the American economy.

Abramitzky, Ran, and Leah Boustan. “Immigration in American economic history.” Journal of economic literature 55.4 (2017): 1311-45.

This source highlights how immigration has been a driving engine for reviving most middle class in midsized cities. The article elaborates how the past month has seen millions of American workers have opted out of the dead-end work to produce a tighter labor market in modern history. The issue of immigrants has become more compelling that event the federal structures are now addressing the laws that suit them to utilize them properly. This article will expound on how immigration has been one of the most formidable solutions to the American economy’s challenges in the recent past. These sources will help my research put together the critical role of immigrants in Chicago and other middle-class cities.

Wright, Dany. “Immigration as an Engine for Reviving the Middle Class in Midsized Cities”. Brookings, 2021,

This source details how America for a long time has been perceived as the land of opportunities, especially for immigrants. Despite the challenge facing those such as failure to integrate their continued inflow of immigrants, new insights on migrant selection into the economy and the labor market have yielded new insights. This article helps expose whether the immigrants were positively or negatively selected to come to America and how their assimilation influences American society and the economy.

Paral, Bob. “Illinois Continues To Lead In Immigrant Inclusion Policies”. Thechicagocouncil.Org, 2021,

This source expounds on how the migrant inclusion policies in Illinois have created a conducive environment for the migrants to positively contribute to the American economy. This article highlights how Chicago has welcomed immigrants to the areas since the 19th century leading to considerable diversity. More importantly, it is essential to note that the state of Illinois has made significant steps in supporting immigrants’ integration to become eligible for insurance programs even sponsored by the state. Their improved welfare has also contributed to spurring the economy.

Sharpe, James. “Three essays on the economic impact of immigration.” (2015).

This article elaborates how the migrants in Chicago contributed to one-third of Chicago entrepreneurs in 2016. Many foreign-born populations play a pivotal role in contributing to the Chicago workforce and the economy. Additionally, this source highlight how Chicago banks o the immigrant resident in its mission to develop and grow the economy. So this source will be crucial for further exploring my research.

West, Darrell M. “The costs and benefits of immigration.” Political Science Quarterly 126.3 (2011): 427-443.

This article highlights how Chicago is an immigrant-friendly city. The welcoming nature of the city to immigrants and refugees has benefited the city in terms of economy. The ever-increasing number of refugees in Chicago city is evident from their contribution to the economy. More importantly, the city has created a conducive environment and a haven for refugees.

Guadagno, Lorenzo. “Migrants and the COVID-19 pandemic: An initial analysis.” (2020).

This source highlights the cost and benefits of refugee immigration. Despite the upsurge of illegal immigrants attempting to cross the U.S borders and relationships and creating a notion among the locals that the immigrants are taking up their jobs, these immigrants also come with their benefits. This article expounds on how the government can help make policy changes, promote immigrants’ benefits, and include them in the country as an essential player to spur their economic growth. The government can tap on the talent and entrepreneurial skills of the foreigners and use them to advance the country’s economy.


Works Cited

Abramitzky, Ran, and Leah Boustan. “Immigration in American economic history.” Journal of economic literature 55.4 (2017): 1311-45.

Guadagno, Lorenzo. “Migrants and the COVID-19 pandemic: An initial analysis.” (2020).

Paral, Bob. “Illinois Continues To Lead In Immigrant Inclusion Policies”. Thechicagocouncil.Org, 2021,

Sharpe, James. “Three essays on the economic impact of immigration.” (2015).

West, Darrell M. “The costs and benefits of immigration.” Political Science Quarterly 126.3 (2011): 427-443.

Wright, Dany. “Immigration As An Engine For Reviving The Middle Class In Midsized Cities”. Brookings, 2021,

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