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JSW Infrastructure IPO: Should you cash-in listing gains?

The period and intensity of these stages may vary from one economy to another, but certainly exist in all economies. On the basis of these stages investors make the decision regarding investment in that particular economy. The investor thus shall keep in the mind the current state of economic-political environment of the economy. Valuation methodologies, such as the discounted cash flow model, are predicated on a slew of rarely true assumptions.

Here are long term charts of Bosch India, Eicher Motors, and TCS Limited that can set you thinking about long term wealth creation. Do remember these are just 3 examples amongst the many that you may find in Indian markets. Corporate governance is a set of practices and processes – a regulatory framework for monitoring companies for relevant interest groups – its stakeholders – determined by the supervisory board and owners. Competitive advantage is a unique selling point of a company that enables them to stand out from its industry peers, for example, offer more premium or affordable products or services. For example, if the unemployment rate is increasing in a specific country, it can eventually negatively affect the demand for its currency and weaken it.

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JSW Infrastructure IPO: Should you cash-in listing gains?
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  • In fact, fundamentals have a tremendous impact on different types of markets, including indices, commodities and currencies.
  • On the basis of these stages investors make the decision regarding investment in that particular economy.
  • Unlike technical analysis that concentrates on forecasting a security’s price movements, fundamental analysis aims to determine the “correct price” (true value) of a security.

In contrast, technical analysis is used by traders who want to make rapid judgments on their short-term investments. Fundamental analysis is a stock valuation method used by analysts to assess if a stock is overvalued or undervalued by the market. It considers a company’s economic, market, industry, and sector factors and financial performance. There are various advantages to doing an analysis based on a company’s financial and competitive status. It is also beneficial to analyse the environment in which it functions. Concentrating solely on the business rather than the stock price gives traders a notion of what the firm is truly worth.

Oil can have a huge impact on the global stock markets and forex pairs. This is because demand can be dictated by a nation’s economy, politics or changing industries, while supply variables can be affected by a country’s international relations and oil production. Intrinsic value is the fundamental value of a stock based on future cash flows, industry attractiveness and qualitative factors like management, corporate governance etc. It is used as a basis for investors to decide whether the stock is under-priced or overpriced. When an investor wishes to invest in a business for the long term (say 3 – 5 years), it becomes essential to understand the business from various perspectives. It is critical for an investor to separate the daily short term noise in the stock prices and concentrate on the underlying business performance.

what is Fundamental Analysis

Not only do these data points show the health of the business, but they also indicate the probability of further growth. A company with little debt and sufficient cash is considered to have strong fundamentals. Fundamental analysis is a method investors use to determine if assets or securities, most commonly stocks, are trading either above or below their fair market value, considering various economic and financial factors.

All communication in corporate governance reports should be clear and transparent to make it easily understandable for all shareholders. Investors might also look at stocks of car companies as a good investment during the growth phase, as when the economy is strong, they expect car demand to go up. Or vice versa, a drop in consumer spending during recessions could reduce production due to lower purchasing power. A stock is trading in the market for $10 per share, and an analyst has published results and determined it should be worth $16 after considering all fundamental factors.

differentiate between fundamental and technical forecasting

Competitor analysis – You must also look at the company’s main competitors, their growth in recent years, their future plans, competitive advantage, etc. Debt position – Ensuring that the company has a healthy debt-equity ratio is important. A more in-depth look will require a study of the nature of debts, time left for repayment, collaterals attached, the utilisation of the debts, etc. Qualitative analysis – It analyses the broader dynamics around the stock. The reputation of the company, its market presence and size, competitor’s analysis, consumer behaviour, etc. are the factors that are scrutinised as a part of qualitative analysis.

what is Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis factors cannot provide buy or sell signals by themselves. They should exist as part of a trading strategy  that covers many variables. Fundamental analysis variables provide a means by which you can measure countries, stocks and other assets. Once individual markets are put onto a scale, investors can start to work out their intrinsic value in relation to one another. Depending on which asset class you analyse, several fundamental indicators may be suitable. Interest rates can influence bonds and currencies, while factors like competitive advantage and financial ratios can impact a stock’s value.

Fundamental analysis allows us to evaluate the performance and financial stability of a company. Advocates of fundamental analysis primarily analyze the business of issuing companies and the market situation. This method allows you to compare the key players in the market with each other, and only after that you can invest in a company that can outperform its competitors and take a leading position in the market. Qualitative analysis is more subjective because it relies on unquantifiable data.

Too much inflation shifts the supply-demand balance in favour of supply, causing the currency to devalue since there is just more of it than is wanted. During deflation, the value of money rises as goods and services fall in price. They might include a company’s senior leaders’ quality, brand awareness, patents, and unique technologies. Neither qualitative nor quantitative analysis is superior in and of itself. The main goal is to determine a figure that you may compare to the current price of an asset to assess if it is undervalued or overpriced.

Therefore, you need to look for the strongest and the weakest currencies. Opportunities and threats can be found by scanning the external environment(political, legal, economic, social) of the company. A great opportunity can be government measures taken up to boost tourism in the country. The way Apple revolutionized Mobile phones, or the way Uber revolutionized cab services goes on to prove that innovation not only reflects in social upliftment but also ensures a competitive edge for the brands too. In a cluttered market like India, a company needs to stand out to survive. Every sector is having cutthroat competition, which necessitates the use of some differentiating factor that will set it apart from the competition.

The same goes for corporate bonds, as you must take into account the company’s credit rating. A bond’s credit rating is the ability of the business to pay back the bond. This means that a company’s financial health plays a big part in the value of a corporate bond. Quantitative analysis takes into account the numbers of the business — its income, earnings, debt ratios, etc. Qualitative analysis is based on the company’s brand, management decisions, products, or services.

The balance 40% of the amount, which is Rs.200,000/- can be utilized for active short term trading using Technical Analysis technique on equity, futures, and options. The Satellite portfolio can be expected to yield at least 10% to 12% absolute return every year. To name a few, one can think of companies such as Infosys Limited, TCS Limited, Page Industries, Eicher Motors, Bosch India, Nestle India, TTK Prestige etc. Each of these companies has delivered an average over 20% compounded annual growth return (CAGR) year on year for over 10 years.

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