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Preparing a Lesson Plan Program

Preparing a Lesson Plan Program objectives are necessary for pinpointing desired outcomes of a training or HRD program, but these statements alone are insufficient for determining the content of the training program and the training methods, techniques, and mate- rials. To translate program objectives into an executable training session, the development of a lesson plan is recommended.

A lesson plan is a trainer’s guide for the actual delivery of training content. Creating a lesson plan requires the trainer to determine in advance what is to be covered and how much time to devote to each part of the session. A lesson plan should specify:

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Preparing a Lesson Plan Program
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• Content to be covered

• Sequencing of activities

• Selection or design of training media

• Selection or development of experiential exercises (or both)

• Timing and planning of each activity

• Selection of the method of instruction to be used

• Number and type of evaluation items to be used46

Some organizations have program designers whose responsibilities include defining training objectives and developing lesson plans. Individuals with educa- tional backgrounds in instructional design (especially from colleges of education) are often hired for such positions. The kind of assistance that program designers can provide is particularly important for subject matter experts who have limited training skills. Some organizations include a section on lesson planning in their train-the-trainer programs. For example, an organization called New Environ- ment Inc. runs a five-day train-the-trainer program concerning hazardous waste operations and emergency response (HAZWOPER) training. This program includes providing videos and complete lesson plans that trainers can use when implementing this training back in their own organizations.

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